e-safety Training

e-Safety for Parents - Online Training Course

An online e-Safety training course, specifically for parents and carers, designed to assist schools in engaging parents in the e-Safety message.

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Course Overview

 It gives an introduction to e-Safety and awareness of:

  • The risks to children
  • The Internet predator
  • Inappropriate and illegal images/content
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting
  • Identity theft
  • Steps parents can take to protect their children
  • Where to go for help and further information

The course has been written by a leading e-Safety expert. It comprises of eleven short modules followed by an assessment to test understanding and should take around an hour to complete. Click here for a full course breakdown

Learning Management System

Our learning management system enables schools to see how many parents have completed the course, and can be used to demonstrate parental engagement in e‑Safety to Ofsted.

Parents have told us...

“Eye opening- I’ll be taking more of an interest in what my children do online”
“Extremely useful - I now feel confident to explore how I can protect my children online”

To book a course, please contact us.