NCI School Internet Services

The Complete Internet Solution

Secure, supported services with child safety at heart

High speed internet enhances every level of education, however we understand that using the internet comes with its own set of risks.  We have compiled a complete internet solution for schools ensuring your internet is fast and secure, incorporating technology used in over 8,000 schools, protecting 1 in 4 schoolchildren across the UK, as well as giving you the support you need to keep pupils safe online.

Working closely with you to safely, securely, empower learning

NCI have been providing internet services for the last decade and have developed close working relationships with core UK internet service providers. We work closely with schools so we understand your requirements and tailor our services to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

What do NCI Internet Services include?

We offer a complete internet solution designed specifically for schools, ensuring you get the most reliable and secure internet possible. There are two packages:

Package One (with E-safety support)

Package Two (no E-safety)

Same services as above but without the E-safety training and support element.  However, you can choose to add E-safety later on if required.

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Our Schools report fantastic results:

Marlborough School rated OFSTED 'Outstanding' April 2014 - Read their ICT Success Story

Paula Ross, Assistant Head Teacher, Marlborough School says:

“E-safety is really important to our school so the NCI solution and their support have been invaluable to us. From a teaching point of view, it is now quick and easy to access online media such as videos or interactive maths games as part of the lessons and set the filter to block the site after the lesson is finished. Plus, I can upload media and access data easily on my IPAD to work on my lesson plans at home and then use them seamlessly in the classroom without compromising child safety or security.”

Michele Bacchus, Business Manager, Sir James Smith's Community School says:

"NCI have been invaluable, enabling fantastic developments in teaching and learning.  We used to lose internet connection frequently, restricting multimedia use and data sharing but the service is now reliable and faster.  Safe and controlled web filtering for all devices now supports teachers and students using IPADs and smartphones for research in lessons and we now offer guest logins too."

When it comes to Web Filtering...the numbers point to NETSWEEPER...