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This hub of resources has been created to provide a wealth of information for you about being safe on the internet.  Please share the information with your colleagues, friends and family too so we can all be informed, safe and protect each other.  We have included policy advice and teaching resources for schools, and information sheets and videos for parents, grand-parents and young people.

          Chris Wild, Advanced Skills Teacher for ICT in Cornwall and at Constantine School says:

"I often get requests to help schools with their E-Safety provision. NCI's E-Safety resources are valuable, comprehensive and easy to access. I will certainly recommend that the professionals I advise look carefully at them in future and I have already included a link to them on the E-Safety area of my school's website."

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Teachers, parents, governors or education advisors, if you have related news or documents you would like to share or if there is anything you would like to see in this resource hub which we haven't yet included - we would love to hear from you.  Share resources.

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If you are worried, need further advice or would like to report an issue please visit: Important Contacts.

Family Internet Safety (15)

Parents and children working together to keep safe

Setting Parental Controls (6)

How to set controls on devices and social media sites

Child safety and the internet (6)

'Ask the experts' - our digital world and staying safe

e-safety policy (10)

Help for schools developing e-safety policies.

Teaching Primary (8)

E-safety classroom activities, videos and ICT guides.

Cyberbullying (13)

Guidance on how to prevent and handle cyberbullying

Teaching Secondary (2)

E-safety classroom activities, videos and ICT guides.

Sexting & Phone Safety (4)

Protecting your privacy and keeping safe

Social Networking (8)

Know the dangers and stay safe when networking online

Grooming (2)

Be alert, don't let strangers take advantage

Safer Internet Day 2018 (5)

Your fun lesson plans and activities available for download now.

We're supporting Safer Internet Day 2018.  Have a fantastic time creating 'e-safety superstars' and promoting kindness and respect on the net!

ICT and E-safety Posters (3)

ICT and e-safety posters to engage, inspire and improve understanding.